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QUESTION: Hi, im Sara and my DOB is 23 December 1983.Two years ago, my ex fiancee ran off with his mistress and did not even dump me. He just started ignoring my calls and I had to call off the engagement alone.Ive not heard from him since then and he has never called me to explain why he did that.

Since then, ive tried dating two or three men but these short lived relationships would end the exact sane way with the guy just ignoring my calls and disappearing. Will I ever find my soulmate or my covenant husband?Why do I have this bad energy around me of men just disappearing on me?

Hope you can help me!!



ANSWER: This is not the free service I offer on here Sara, as I focus on finding love here, not the self-healing - so I'm giving you a reading from my website, known as Baggage for I am strongly feeling that you're projecting your emotional baggage onto guys, and this is why you haven't found love, because you find yourself hard to open up to anyone, as you have these defense barriers around your Heart Chakra which keeps out everything as well as prevents you from being hurt, and also knowing how to share unconditional love and acceptance with another person.

So basically these barriers you have built up from within you Sara, as making you so fearful to even trust anyone; which makes you either appear so NEEDY that these guys RUN AWAY, or can smell your desperation from a mile off :) or you search for needy guys who need you, you give them, they take, they don't give you anything; satisfied they move on to someone else. If you are honestly seeking True Love Sara... then you have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone to make it happen, this means learning the lessons from all those guys who have entered into your life, not falling into the victim mentality, and accepting that everything has happened. Forgiving yourself, and MOVING ON... with an OPEN-HEART :D

So let's understand your lessons that you had to learn, the type of guy that you are currently chasing are those one-night stand guys, the one with all the passion and zest for you to give them everything, and them to take and then move along very happily to another girl... as vulnerable as you. But remember you Sara, are drawing these types of guys closer to you - as your closed off heart chakra, screams out to the Universe - send those guys this way, that they can use and abuse me, and walk away - because I'm shit, and worthless... and those guys come into your life, and walk away. Then you think, yes that's right, I feel like shit, I am shit, and then the same pattern repeats again... So Sara... YOU ARE CREATING your negative energy...

To transform things accept the past has happened, and forgive yourself and MOVE on with an open-heart and mind... Do yourself, and the rest of womanhood a favor :) and don't chase guys... let them chase you ;) you are a fantastic woman well worth loving, recognize that love for yourself, put yourself out into the 'market' or 'field' showing that you're happy, single and quite available for being loved by another guy. But don't say that you're ready to disrespect yourself. Think up 5 great qualities about yourself, and out them in order of importance - when any guy enters your life, ensure that you don't shuffle those 5 qualities about yourself around for them, for these 5 qualities make you the wonderful woman you are Sara! By shuffling things around, you will be giving your power away to another person... this is telling yourself that you are not worthy to be loved...

For True Love, you don't need to do somersaults in the air to make it work out, you need to be open and loving yourself, then you will understand how to love another. Remember this guy that enters your life can also be going through problems, but this doesn't mean you have to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to remove those 5 qualities about you... You honey, are worth loving too :) so love yourself, and be a WOMAN and maintain your dignity, and respect for yourself.

If all this advice is followed, then Sara you are ready for a new relationship... just remember to be yourself, and be honest about your needs too, not just his needs all the time.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Serena

Thank you so much for the great advice!However, my initial purpose for my post was to inquire as whether I will ever get married?

I do accept that I have a lot of emotional baggage to deal with. I guess just needed some hope that my husband is out there somewhere while I deal with my past pains and hurt.

Even though I have never had a one stand in my life, I do tend to give so much of myself to a man because in my mind, I tell myself I need to go the extra mile in order to keep a man. From now on, I will let the man chase me!

Haha... just as I figured, my free lengthy reading would have been totally and utterly wasted on you. Please note that you asked me TWO questions, when my profile states one.

1. Will I ever find my soulmate or my covenant husband?
2. Why do I have this bad energy around me of men just disappearing on me?

I helped you to understand #2 - which answers #1

If you do not understand or appreciate any of the free readings I have painstakingly spend the time to give you. Then good luck!  


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