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Hello,  I have felt a psychic connection with a man I know for the past two months but he has not contacted me and I will not pursue him as he knows my feelings.  Also, I respect free will.  My problem is it is hard to ignore the connection.  I have been quite lonely and need to make some changes in my life.  The connection is intermittent but when I feel it, it gets my hopes up.  I just wonder what you see.  It might help to hear there was no potential - or anything that I may gloss over due to my being single and a little lonely and wanting to keep believing.  Hope this question is ok.  Thank you, Kristina  my DOB: 9-27-67, Gregg's DOB: October '66 (don't know day).

It feels Kristina that there is a past life influence in your life compelling you to emotionally just run amock without any destination in heart, where you feel a profound sense of sadness within relationships... it's like you're spending this life time soul-searching for someone (I personally don't feel it's Gregg). I would suggest you seeking an in-person past life regression, read books on Brian Weiss if you're not sure :) (a book I'm reading at present is called 'only love is real')

For a past life psychic, the best I can recommend is Cassandra Eason


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