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As I understand it, when most nons (such as myself) begin psionics, the only way for them to 'sense' psi is by reference to their normal 5 senses (E.G., feeling hot and cold sensations). However, what should happen overtime is that the mind is able to interpret psi directly using the ESPs like the mind interprets light through the eyes and sound waves through the ears without the need to reference other senses. Is this correct? If so, does this mean that psychic 'senses' can eventually behave like the physical senses? A guess a way of shortening my question would be this: Is it possible to perceive psi directly without the need to relate them to the other senses?

Yes, direct perception is possible, though not everyone develops it.  It all depends on how an individual's brain winds up handling the input.  Untranslated perception isn't that uncommon...the trouble is, there aren't any words in the language to deal with it.  We can talk about colors, shapes, distances, when we use our eyes.  We can talk about odors--pungent, sweet, etc.  We can talk about sensations--soft, hard, prickly, etc.

When it comes to untranslated psi perception, we've got nothing. :)  When someone says they 'just know' something, that's pretty much the only way they can explain it.  Internal dialogue is no better--the sensory input is there, but we have no way to analyze it, because we have no terms to put it into any kind of context.  So, we settle for the conclusion--we 'just know' that someone has a health issue, or that something's going to happen, or that there's a spirit entity in the far corner.


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