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Hi, Sheree here, 5/5/1985 female

Over the past 2 years I have felt a strong presence around me, as though someone is watching me. I have also had many strange things happen such as items being moved, windows being found open that were previously locked shut, radios switching on etc etc. None of this bothers me or freaks me out in the slightest, and I am rather quite comfortable with its presence! I was wondering if perhaps you could shed some light on who they are, why they are here etc?

Hi Sheree
  I am glad you have no worries about that happening around you. I cannot tell you how many people tend to get very freaked out in this sort of situation.
I want you to know that without being there, or able to absorb energy I can't say for sure I am right. There are limits to the online thing sometimes but I did feel a stronger older male , someone who was highly educated, someone who was very set in his ways . Not a threat , but someone who seems to like things a certain way.


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