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Psychics/Still single after 6 years, and wondering when will it be my turn


Hello Advisor Abby,
I hope you can offer some help.  I am 48yr woman (dob 15-11-64), divorced with 1 child aged 14yrs.  I have been single now for 6 yrs, and so far have not had much luck in finding a good man to spend quality time with, or anything remotely serious.  I am a cheerful, stable minded woman, who enjoys going out, but also content to stay in and watch a good movie, conversation etc., but the men my age seem to be more interested in younger women or are only looking for a 'good' time.

I have a pendulum which is fairly accurate alot of the time, and when i asked it if I will have a boyfriend in the future it said 'No'.  I also asked if I would marry in the future, and to this question it 'didn't know the answer'.  Surely, at only aged 48yrs, this cannot be it for me!  I had hoped there would be another relationhip (a lasting one) in the future for me.

I sporadically dated a man named Theo (dob 30-12-58) for 1yr 6 months whom I would be happy to settle down with, but this ended when he moved abroad for work, we are still in contact occassionally.  I get the feeling he likes and cares about me, and I would be happy to be with this guy long term, but I don't think he feels as deeply for me, as deeply as I 'like and care' about him.

Can you see anything positive for me in the future with Theo or with someone new, and when? I'm starting to feel sad and lonely and disappointed with my love life so far.

Best Regards,

Hi Una.. I do feel that you have had your share of heartbreak through love in the past. And for a while u did not feel like u wanted or needed a man around you. But that was only because of fear of being hurt . However, I do feel that u do have a soulmate and that God does not want for you to be alone all of your life. You are a good person I feel all of your life you have tried to help and shed light on who ever came in your path .. But there does seem
To be some spiritual blockages around your love life. I would have to connect with u live to tell you more about the things I am feeling.. Here's my website and contact info.. hope to chat with u soon :)  


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