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I do not have a reading, but i have a question in regards to tarot card readings, if oyu would not mind answering.

I recieved many readings in the past, and i usually get the same cards but all tarot readers have different interpretations of the cards.

The other day i recieved a reading when asked about general love reading about me and boyfriend for curiosity (BTW our relationship is good and he laughed when i told him this) and got the wheel of furtune, and she said my bf feels stuck in the relationship, the lovers which she said means he attracted to someone else and not me and that our relationship is in a bumpy road),

i got those cards before by other readers interpered them differently....her reading was all newgative, but when i was read before with wheel of fortune and lovers cards, i recieved diffrrent response.

can you tell me why diffrent readers interper the cards differently. What is your take on the wheel of fortune and lovers card

Thanks for your interest in a reading. I do offer free ones through my newsletter or I have a daily Quota here at all experts. I wish I had more time to do more free but that's what I can offer for now.  I should be availible soon for more readings through this service.

Thanks for sending me this question I should let you know though , I stopped using Tarot Cards a few years ago. I actually prefer other methods and I mostly use a special deck of actual playing cards to draw my focus.
I think every reader/medium person who can successfully see the future get different perspectives based on what they see and feel. I might see good and love and happiness from my perspective where as another reader or card reader might see you hitting some bumps along the way. It all really depends on the time frame.. was this now? Was she looking ahead a few months or a a few years?
We all go through ruts in love and sometimes even though we are truly happy we might not feel it if even temporarily.

I am sure others might have a different opinion then I, which is why I think its important to find that one person whom you know you connect with and whom you know is a good reader and can work well with you. Seeing that you wrote about several reads and many readers I think you are still looking for that one right reader.  


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