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I've searched the webs for astral projection techniques and all I come across seem to suggest to me they are actually WILDs (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams). They all suggest allowing the body to fall asleep so as to experience 'vibrations', which I assume is the onset of sleep paralysis. Are you aware of any methods that do no suggest this or is this a legitimate method? Also, have you any personal experience with astral projection? If so, were you able to verify any of the experiences?

Well, I was taught that going out of body is not the only method for astral projection.  You do not need to leave your awareness of your physical body behind, in order to achieve awareness of a distant location.  So, I simply reach to a distant location to explore it, while retaining awareness of where I am and what's happening around me.  I've had plenty of validation for those experiences.

I've only been completely out of body once, and it was extremely weird.  I am not particularly clairvoyant, so I was totally blind.  In perfect blackness, I found I had 360 degree super tactile awareness.  I could feel everything, such as the finest texture of the wood grain as I put my 'hand' on a dresser; more detail than I could ever have gotten physically.  It lasted only briefly.

If you want to be sure that you're not just having a lucid dream, what you should be alert for is that experience:  360 degree sensory input.  Spirits don't have eyes, or directional senses, and this sensory immersion is an experience you can never have while in a body.


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