Hey my name is Britteny I was born in April of 1993 I am dating a man Josh who was born November 1991. I was wondering how do you see our relationship working out? HE is in the army and we will be away from each other for seven months, but how do you see it working out after that, will it go far are we good for each other?

Your feelings for Josh: it feels like you're on the verge of ending the relationship, but you're not sure when the right time is to end it. Is there a right time to end anything? You are feeling the need to find out who you are at the moment. Josh's feelings for you: Feels like he is clinging to the relationship because he's scared to let go of everything that is safe and familiar. What will there be in the future between both of you...  if it doesn't end now, then in the current direction you're heading, it feels like you won't really have time for each other, a feeling of taking both of you for granted.


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