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Hi friend my bday is 10/31/69. I am frustrated about my career path  I'm a
Writer n editor n social worker n teacher I'm working two part time
Jobs (I've tried full time and it does not work for me/my health) as a writer
In my heart I would love to be successful published author but maybe that
Is no to be. In meantime I am of nearly living up to my potential, and
Also feel like a fool bc one of my part time jobs-which I just got-is teaching
GED and I suck.  Any suggestions from spirit guides? Is anything good
Going to happen for me this year? Will it include in erase in money? Thanks as

Hi Shivy:

I think you are too hard on yourself as anyone able to hold down 2 jobs is pretty competent.  However, I really think you need to regroup and sit down with your resume and figure out how you can appeal to an employer who can offer you more stability and pay range.  This may involve more education on your part.  I'm seeing something you getting a contract wiht a government agency in the social field perhaps teaching parents how to be better parents or divorced parents how to parent without screwing up their kids.  This contract is not going to drop in your lap.You need to network and see what possibilities are out there and then systematically apply to do it.  Good luck


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