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My name is Tori. I am fourteen years old, female, and I have a question that I'm dying to have answered. My father, Larry, passed away from Leukemia when I was six years old.. Ever since he died I've been getting this weird feeling in my stomach at around seven o'clock in the morning.. ..every morning. It has never failed one single day for over eight years, now. I seem to have something special about me when it comes to the afterlives of others. People have told me that spirits seemed to be attracted to me because of how kind-hearted I am. I have experiences with seeing Spirits.. both good and bad ones. But recently my mother performed a smudging ceremony in our house and the next morning I did not experience the feeling in my stomach.. ..This leads me to believe that my father was visiting me every morning at seven o'clock, but now he is not able to get into the house. But I honestly don't know what to think about the situation. But my question is: Is it possible that my father had been visiting me every morning since he passed away? And also.. Is he okay? What should I expect to happen, now?

Hello Tori,
Thank you for contacting me and a very Happy New Year to you. I have understood your question but I’m going to cut across the whole thing and explain a few points that will answer your question by default.

Clearly you understand well there are two types of reality, a physical one and a non-physical one. It is possible for physical bodies to communicate with non-physical energy. How and when we do this depends on our thought vibration – like a radio, on purpose or by default, we sometimes mentally tune into non-physical for a brief period of time – often just seconds. After this connection the feeling of the connection remains for a period of time until the demands of the physical world take all our mind energy to itself – which is exactly how things should be. In the moments after sleep your mind is sufficiently disentangled from the physical world that your thought vibration is raised to the freqnecy range where communication with non-physical in possible. You have connected to your dad and the sensation of this has traditionally remained with you even after the contact has finished in terms of like-frequencies.

The main thing for you to remember is that in physical form we are restricted by time and space and the laws of the physical universe and moreover, in this time/space reality, we are restricted by 3 dimensions. Non physical reality is not restricted by any of these as it is pure positive thought. Herein lies the problem. When non-physical communicated with us we have to, and I mean HAVE to make an interpretation of the communication. Our forms can only comprehend things through time and space and 3 dimensions so we translate, in split seconds, the contact that we have had into something our minds can understand – we make it an experience that corresponds to some combination of our senses and mind. This is why there is such a huge and changing variety of experiences throughout the world. This is so important to remember, all contact with non-physical is always a subjective interpretation – no exceptions. Some people translate contact in ways that are no pleasing to them but that is a matter of the interpretation, not the energy from which the communication comes. I hope this makes some kind of sense to you. It means that as you evolve as a physical being your methods of interpretation are going to change too and you can expect to experience the loving presence of your father in many ways according to the practical framework of your mind. What you can expect is to recognize well the results of your mind connecting to your dad. When it happens then the after effects will be that you are inspired and buzzing with energy and have ideas and desires pouring out of you – like you are firing on all cylinders – this is your dad and you can expect to recognize this throughout your life. It is a wonderful thing and a great guidance – if you stay tuned to the truth of your own feelings. If your dad has any advice for you at this time of your physical experience it is for you to compassionately care about how you feel and let feeling well and good be your bench mark and normal experience throughout each day. You were born for the joy of creative thinking and hit the ground running at birth. Whenever you take a step that leads you away from your true self and reason in being physical then you will feel negative emotion and then you can feel deep relief and appreciation that your emotions are such a reliable and indeed fantastic guide to you through your life. These are things that your dad wishes you to understand so that whereas many others may get stuck in life for all sorts of reasons, you will fly and others will look at you in amazement … and yet all you did that was different from them was that you cared about how you feel more than anything else. Your father tells me your mum can be a great resource for you in this respect, All your feelings are your friends because even the negative ones help you make choices and preferences that are right for you – if you remember this and feel appreciation for all that is then you have life in your hands – this is what your dad wants you to get and when you do you will feel the buzz of well being ripple through you and your energy will make others gasp and your inspiration will be a great resource for others too.

I have answered your question in a very round about way but what your father has to say is far more useful to you than a dull answer to your question. I have had to make an interpretation of your father’s communication and I have relied on him to inspire to choose words that are most meaningful to you – it’s a bit hit and miss at the best of times but I hope I have been able to put things meaningfully for you, at least at some level. Please accept my sincere best wishes and again, a very Happy New Year to you and your family. Roy Pierce  


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