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Psychics/does my ex's deceased father watch over me?


i was with my ex for a little over a year, and his father passed away when we first started dating. he gave off an amazing energy, and i wish i would have gotten to know him. i feel like he watches over me, and has came to me in my dreams before.

Hello Aimee, thank you for contacting me. Your question raises a number of interesting points and I'm pleased that I can guide you. You are sort of right - but sort of! Let me explain.

When physical bodies die what actually happpens is that we make a transition to our non-physical selves. It is, in effect, a return to our true identity but we are an expanded and evolved conscioussness due to the physical experiences we have when we are in physical form. So, we have two realities going on - a physical one (which is all the stuff of the universe) and the non-physical one from which everything comes and returns.

Now, your question really is about the nature of contact between these two realities. The best way I have discovered of trying to explain this is to use the analogy (and it is only a analogy) of a radio. It's great you used the word 'energy' yourself - it means I can cut a few corners! All energy vibrates - at levels that make the atom seem as a big as a galaxy system. If you are interested in how science is developing down these lines then have a look at string theory or M-theory. Most of the science goes over my head to be hinest  with you but there are some good people out there explaining things well. Anyway, back to the point ... everything vibrates at a certain frequency - no exceptions, physical and non-physical. The difference between the two realities is one of vibration and frequency. Let's say the physical world is around the frequency 95.5AM, well in our physical shoes we get to hear and pick up reality that is on or close to this frequency area. Non-physical is say at 99.9FM frequency - so, with all the best will in the world, if the radio dial is tuned at 95.5Am then what's being broadcast on 99.9FM is just not going to be heard.

BUT...... many people, at various times and for various reasons, do experience moments when their mental frequency is sufficient free from physcial demands that they do, even if only for brief moments, tune into non-physical reality. A perfect example is dreams. Your mind is in a state of conscioussness that is significantly disconnected from the physical world (which is the point of sleep anyhow - it's got nothing to do with resting the body, you just have to be still to do that), and moments of conection between physcial and non-physcial realities become much easier. Most of us don't remember our connections - but we make them every time we change our conscious state. It's absolutely correct for you to identify your ex's father as an energy that you connect with. BUT.... the image of him watching over you is a bit dodgy! It's not like a ghost or angel kind of hovering around waiting to push you out the way next time you step out in  front of a bus! (you are on your own with that one!), neither is there any form of control from non-physical other than through the physical laws of the universe that govern all things. When you connect with non-physical energy that energy combines and your get a rush of inspiration - at least that's what I call it. It's like you are a light and someone turns the wattage up a bit and for a small while you glow just that little bit more. Whatever your energy is for you and your desires can be (and is) joined by those in non-physical with whom you have some historic physical connection. The energy interchange you experienced when your ex's father was in his physical shoes is continued and you get to notice it when your mind is free enough to tune into a different frequency that is closer to where non-physical is. The experiences are necessarily short since the demands of the physcial world rightly call the vast majority of your attention and energy ... but then there are those lovely and special moments too, when we just know, that little feeling of power and knowing deep inside, that we are intricately part of so much more than we can physically normally experience.

Non -physical does not change vibration unless expressed in a physical form but from their vantage point of pure positive knowledge they are with us - it's us that makes the frequency change and tunes into them - but it's not semi-creepy hovering over your shoulder stuff - it's a meeting of energy in a certain compatible frequency range.

I hope this is has gone, at least some of the way, to help you get a more accurate angle on your experiences. No need to doubt them - they are as real as you are, just tweak your description of them a little, (find something else in place of 'watches over me'), and you are flying. You can look forward to many such experiences and the primary purpose of them is that you feel releif in the knowledge of your own eternal nature - very important.

Please accept my very best wishes, Roy Pierce


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