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My name is Jo (born 1985) my partners name is Marc (born 1974)we dated for 2 years when I was 19 but split when I moved away to Uni. We stared dating again almost 12 months ago and currently live 2 hours drive apart and we find it difficult being apart. I would like us to live together and start a life together but that would mean one of us having to move and leave a good job. I would like to know if we have a future together?

Thank you

"you create your own reality" strongly stands out in the ambiance of this relationship.

It must feel to you that this relationship with Marc is being guided by the environment and not within, like any movement made for the relationship is torn apart by something external, like you moving away to uni, and now this 2 hour commute, and the prospects of having to leave a job for this relationship. In this current direction you're going Jo, the future feels like you'll both split apart. But - you have to ask yourself, is it really the external environment driving the changes? or is it something else. For really love doesn't know time or distance...


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