Can you please get in contact with my late gran-dad John.
Please tell me whatever he says to you.


Hello Poppy,
Thank you for contacting me. I’m a bit late in replying because of a rush of questions but thank you for your patience and I hope you didn’t feel I had forgotten you. Your question is very general so I think the best thing I can do is allow your grandad to guide me as I type – it may be a bit confusing because sometimes I may explain what he is saying and then it will be back to him again etc – but if you read it through a few times it’s sense will get clearer. Anyway, let’s see how it goes.

The first thing I have from John is that you will feel him most in the wind and when the brush of the wind goes across your face it will make smile many, many times and your grandad wants you to know that it’s his loving presence that is making you smile. This doesn’t mean that your grandad is in the wind – he is laughing at this – his presence is pure positive energy and your smile.. the energy behind that smile is what connects to your grandad and that smile will widen that bit more. He wants you to know he regrets nothing of his life and appreciates every moment of it. He knows he had the wonderful life experience that he intended to have when he came in to physical form. He encourages you not to worry about things over which you have no control  - he laughs that he did this so much when he was physically present – so much worry based on an incorrect belief that he had control over people and situations. He would love for you to feel the relief of not having to worry or feel negative emotion of any kind about things over which you have no control – which is most thing actually – he is chuckling again. He wants you to turn to nature to keep your positive energy levels up – kind of ‘be an outdoor girl’ – this is my interpretation rather than his words. The natural life that comes forth by the evolution of the planet will keep your heart and soul singing where others would not give it a thought and get stuck in all kinds of life dilemmas – the energy of creation will best feed and edify and encourage and bless your own creative energy and you will feel the buzz of zest for life and inspiration about the right steps for you at all stages of your life. Your grandad’s energy and loving presence will seem most real to you through these things – he is laughing saying that this is better than lurking over your shoulder like a ghost! Your gandad takes much light hearted and living entertainment from the myriad of way humans have come to understand what life after death could be like. From his physical perspective he was not aware of such a variety of theories and now, from his non-physical perspective he is amazed at them all – so many people thinking so many things, he understand and appreciates what a wonderful thing variety and diversity is – it is the engine that drives the evolution of the physical universe. He is laughing that variety and diversity where not in great supply during his physical experience. He encourages you to bless and appreciate difference, don’t fret to understand it all, just appreciate that it serves the evolution of all things, including all humans and life forms, so well. He tells you the key to life is appreciation – even appreciation for experiences that are unwanted. He feels your energy and power when you sift through your life experiences and come to preferences and choices that are uniquely pleasing to you – that’s when you are at your best – choosing and creating your own life experience. I was going to say your grandad is there like a cheerleader for you but he says you wont like that image so I will just stick to applauding for you. John has a great humour and there is such a keen sense of fun even though he is sincere always. He laughs again that families are overated – although he laughs you better not tell your family that – you can relax and know Poppy that the only job description you were born with is to keep yourself happy – you are never responsible for other’s happiness – your grandfather would love you get this for your relationships of all kinds – the best relationship is where someone’s happiness is shared with yours, not when people start to think they have found their happiness in someone else. Make someone else responsible for making and keeping you happy and you are in for a very bumpy ride – he is laughing again. Remember the smile in the wind and if you are comfortable say ‘hi grandad’ – you don’t need the words out loud, just your thought and in that moment you will know your grandad is present.

Poppy, I don’t remember feeling such a strong message about the importance of nature to somebody but your grandad seems to know that this will be your greatest source of inspiration and consolation. These are my words but your grandad implies the trees will teach you more about your life and how to move through it than the people around you. That sounds a bit daft, I think your grandad put it much better but I hopefully you know what I mean.

I hope also that I have been able to interpret your grandad in a way that is meaningful to you. Words, at best, are really just symbols and are pretty hit and miss, but I hope I’ve done a reasonable job in choosing the right ones for you. After we die we communicate through pure thought and people like me – I don’t like the word psychic – receive that thought and interpret it through words. I had a good sense that I was choosing the right words and I was able to keep the typing to the speed of your grandad’s thought – sometimes this can be a struggle. Please accept my very best wishes for a peaceful and healthy year ahead and thank you again for contacting me and allowing me to try to help. Roy Pierce – I hope to be visiting some friends in Galway in August, I have hardly visited Ireland but have enjoyed the few days I have spent there.  


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