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My grandfather had passed away a few years ago, and recently I had been on the ouija board and talked to him. I want to know if it was really him and if he had anything to say at all? And I also wanted to know if my dog is in the spiritual world and if she is, I want to know if she was doing well. I hope that wasn't too many questions. I just really wanted answers.

Hello Regina, thank you for your questions. I can understand your frustration to get some clear guidance. I will deal with your questions one by one.

Ouija boards are 50/50 at best. I don't use them becuase I find them too limited and my communications are infinately better when I am alone and my mind is diverted from the physical world as opposed to being focused on it. The other thing is that non-physical energy is collective and any psychic worth his or her salt will admit that it is not always a clear and sure task to be able to dsitinguish one energy source from another and collective responses are absolutely normal in my experience. With the ouija board you get a response but without the corresponding feeling that accompanies a connection with the mind - a conenction between conscious, intelligent thought vibrations, you just have a response of sorts from a non-physical energy source. It is the way you feel that guides you to know with whom you connect and how to interpret that connection - the ability to interpret faithfully and meanginfully is as important as being able to make the connection in the first place. It can be hit and miss becuase non-physical reality is not restricted by time/space reality as we are and they are not restricted by 3 dimensions either - this is why an interpretation is made - the communication has to be dressed in a format that fits the way our minds understand things when we have a physical form. I hope this makes some level of sense but for all these kinds of reasons I'm not a ouija board fan - but neither am I against it, I mean, there is nothing wrong with it, it can provide good entertainment - I think basically that is what it is best used for - this is, however, only my opinion.

Before we talk about your grandfather lets talk about animals and your dog is absolutely included as all species.
The species of our planet prepared the environment here for millions of years before we, as humans, came forth. In this sense, as an evolving physical species' they have angles on life and death that we are yet to reach. They have their limitations that are appropriate to their species but in many signficant ways, they have intelligence and understand that is way ahead of our evolution. The most inportant aspect of this is their connection to their energy source. We all choose to express our non-physical conscious intelligent self in a physical way - the moment of conception. Animals, knowing their origin and purpose of their coming forth into physcial form, pop in and out of existence as easily as us checking in and out of a hotel. The vast majority know that once in physcial form, they are liable to be a food source for another species and it bothers them not one jot. The family dog will quite happily charge infront of an oncoming truck after next door's cat and doesn't give a hoot if he get's wacked by the truck or not! It's almost impossible for us, with our evolving culture and social norms about life and death to see things from an animal's perspective. They come, they evolve not just as an individual conscious being but evolve the species to which they belong and contribute significantly to the evolution of the planet too. They make their transition to non-physical and exist as the same individual intelligent being but as oure thought and evolved as a result of their physical experience in this time'space reality. They decide to re-express themselves again and agin in physcial form - popping in and out of physcial existence with little drama or concern since million of years - enjoying the expansion and evolution of all that is and appreciating their own part in the devleopment of the physcial universe. So Regina, your dog ... don't sweat it for a second - in terns of his life and death he was way, way ahead of you and can re-express himself in another dog birth such that you will recognise his essential energy (spirit some people would say)- different looking dog but you will recognise the charcater traits even though they are evolving. Your dog couldn't wait to get back - especially for a greater experience of flowers for some reason. Please don;t worry about your dog becuase he is not worried for even for briefest of seconds - he is having a blast and firing on all cylinders - as most of the animal world manages to do. We have alot of cathcing up to do as a species!

I'm going to try and connect with your grandfather to see if we can get you feeling better about things than you so far experienced. The text can be confusing - you may have ro re-read it, I have the task of typing to keep up with your grandfather's energy and sensing at the same time if I am choosing the most appropriate words that will convey soemthing meaningful to you. As such these are not your grandfather's words - people claiming psychic abilities are often not very turthful about these kind of things. Your grandfather, from his non-physical perspective, does not have a mouth to speak - he has pure positive conscious thought - I connect to that thought and interpret it in a form that suits the 3 dimensional time/space reality that we are in. I hope this makes some kind of sense to you. I am concerned that you are not left more wondering about fraud and truth. Claiming to contact people's beloved deceased realtives is no light thing, it effects people's deepest emotions and it's something all people offering this type of service should take very seriously, therefore, I take the time to explain to you what it is that actually happens. Anyway, let's see how this goes.

The first thing I get is a great sense of fun - your grandfather is saying you should go out and buy yourself a new pair of shoes - retail therapy for anxiety - no boring shoes - something with a bit of flair about it - when you try the right pair on for you you will feel a rush of well being that will exactly be from your grandfather's energy source - don;lt buy the pair until your feel the rush - go boring and you will be waiting along time. What fun he is! He has a deep sense of appreciation for the time he spent with your family  - some of the very best feeling times for him and his experience with you caused an expansion of desire in him that he is still having great fun coming to terms with - along with other deceased members of your family, particularly his mum - your great grandmum - they, as pre-physcial beings, agreed to express themselves in physcial form in a mother son relationship - they have been mother son through many generations in your family and are expanding their consciousness through their inter-play of one another. Its a core energy that runs through your family line and it's going to continue. He says you are a queen of his heart (heart is my interpretation), and after you get your new shoes, you wont be bothering about contacting him by any means becuase you will have your own experience and proof that you don't need other means. You will know by the shoes - he is laughing but absolutely sincere of course. You try them on, stand up and you will know the pair that sings to your heart - there wont be doubt - it will be that pair and you will have a smile so wide it feels your ears could lift of your face. He thinks a pair of snazzy shoes is much more fun than a piece of board or me (but he is lauging and saying thank you to me for typing to you). Don't worry about getting sick, some cells in your body have their own agenda, let the medical world do the best it can but if you give your attention to your well being and not the sickness then the cells of your body will gracefully conform to your dominant thought and the moment of death is a peice of cake anyway so no need to worry about any of that even though you will anyway - more laughing. The best way to fly through the rest of your physcial experience while others will get stuck is to appreciate the things and people that cause you to have negative emotion. He is very serious here becuase he knows you have a whole list of reasons why this can;t be possible and could even be argued as immoral. Still he says do you best - always err on the side of appreciation - it is much better, always  - no exceptions .. that you feel good rather than you feel right. If feeling right adheres you to a negative emotion that it will not serve you well - being right is overated - this is a big thing for you he says - please don't bother about being right - bother about feeling good. This is one thing he did not understand in his physical form - he got used to feeling right and bad at the same time - he easily bypassed choosing to feel good. He encourages you to do way better than he managed. He is lovingly telling me I'm overloading you and the shoe thing was enough in itself and he is so looking forward to that moment when you, alone and with your own natural born talents, will realise that he is with you and that all is far more well and amazing than you could possibly imagine from your physical perspective - he is laughing again and saying I should have written .. far more well than you could possibly imagine in your physcial shoes. Go shoe shopping Regina... so much appreciation for you.

Your grandfather's laughter and humour made it a challenging experience to type - words are so limited but I hope I have got across to you the level of loving humour with which he comes to you / is present to you. You just have to go and find those shoes - but remember he says don't go boring and I guess you shouldn't moan about the price although he didn't actually say that but he is nodding away as I type on this one - yes - just buy the damn things he says - you will know anyway.
Regina, I hope this is significantly better for you. Please accept my best wishes for a very peaceful and healthy year ahead. Roy Pierce


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