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My name is Katie my boyfriend is Jesse both born 1987 we met online 2003 have been dating ever sense but still have not made the move to see each other in person yet but have planned our entire future together...we do have a rocky past and I'm wondering if we will ever get past the past and finally see each other to  start a real life together and start our future we have talked about for almost 10 years

oooh tough one Katie! 10 years of dating, and never meeting up - not recommended at all... and yes, I can feel how torn you are Katie about Jesse who you find very self-confident, charismatic through online be it! motivating you yet with such a fiery energy which makes him a pain in the ass at times; as he quickly throws temper fits, but also cools down. You feel connected to Jesse (to have also stayed on this long without meeting!) but his adventures (offline?) can be excessive. I'm getting the strong feeling that if Jesse was so keen on you, to let you be hooked on him for 10 years, that he would have made the effort to physically come to see you in person - no matter what it took - as actions is what Jesse is all about, as he will find it hard to express himself through just words or talk.

Jesse I feel wants a change of scenery (from you?), he feels like he's single (so I'm unsure what this future is that you have BOTH planned together...)


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