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Psychics/Long Distance Relationship - The "One"?


My First name: Angel
His first name: Cameron
My year of birth: 1993
His year of birth: 1991

1.) I'm currently in a long distance relationship with a guy I met online named Cameron. I was wondering if there might be anything you could tell me about the future of our relationship and if he might be "the one" for me. Anything at all really about my love life, but specifically this relationship would be great. Thanks.

I can feel how you are building castles in the sky Angel, because Cameron is the kind of guy who's masculine and likes his women feminine. Cameron may not be 'in' it like you are at present, but with time and patience (and meeting up in person) it can grow. If you are really keen on Cameron, I'd advice that you pursue an independent life of your own also, because Cameron likes his own space to regenerate alone.


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