My name is Ianna Denisse Javier Garcia, DOB: September 3rd, 1993

I was wondering when will I meet my love interest?


ANSWER: As this is in the question pool, I am answering. Are you currently single? Do you have someone in mind? IF so, please provide his details (first name, birth year). No information, no free reading.

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QUESTION: Hi Serena,

I've been wanting to  ask you a question but you were always maxed out.

I'm currently single and there's no one in my mind at the moment.


September 3rd, 1993

Hi Ianna, I understand how frustrating it must be to have always found me maxed out. But :) if you take a look at it from my perspective, I've been on this site dedicating my services freely (not for experience, but because I can) and on average it's like I answer 8 questions each day freely. This can be any variety of questions, and is not as simple, but it physically drains me and exhausts me. The reason most psychics charge for their readings, is to get the energy exchange - when the exchange happens, the exhaustion is less. When done freely, there is no energy exchange - and the psychic suffers as a result.

Ok now to your reading, you are blocking yourself from love entering into your life. The longer you hold onto a view of love, the longer there will be a delay. You have a view of what you are looking for, but this view might be wrong or something. When you open your mind and heart, then after that it would take a month before he enters.


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