1. solve (pronounced soul-vay) female british columbia, Canada
2. january 30 1992 ,bc, canada
3. tall, fair, hazel eyes. blonde hair.

my question is really only about my love life, no one person in preticular. Im feeling quite lost right now and i just want to know what the future has in store for me, from present to future that is. thank you.

As this is in the question pool, I am answering. If you're feeling lost now, does this mean that you do not love yourself? or that you are lonely for another person's company? Does seeing the future help with this loneliness? So this means, you feel the future will be good - then really you are not lost are you; for you have the confidence that everything will be ok in the future - but why is it not now? Lack of a boyfriend? Or lack of loving yourself?

Nevertheless, if you want the question answered - let me know.


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