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There is this man I met whom is a leo (aug. 5) through the internet. Quickly we developed an amazing friendship and eventually he said that he was in love with me. There has not been one day in the past 9 months that we have been together that we did not communicate. Whether it was through cell phones, skype and on web cam sending pictures while we talk on skype and daily text messages. We recently started talking about meeting up in the next couple of months and possibly moving in together. He says he knows its going to work on his end...hes concerned it wont be okay on my end. I have honestly fallen head over heels in love with this man. Where is this relationship going? Is he really serious about us being together? Sometimes I think he is...but then I hear him listening to songs and don't know if im over thinking him listen to songs that could be break up songs. Please help me. My feelings are so invested in this and I want to make sure it is mutual with him. Im so in love that im considering making a move across the united states just to be with him. HELP  My birthday is Sept 25

I can definitely feel a connection between you and him and I do feel that he cares about you very much I believe I can feel a little bit more if I have a little more information about him or you what I do feel is just a reason you are afraid is because you have been through many bad relationships you do not trust people very easily
But you are willing to open up your heart again you just want to make sure it is right for you
I do feel a great connection here but I think there's just a bit more in the situation I want you to  understand I want you to come to my website where we can talk live one-on-one.
No charge for you click to chat with me on the home
Page and il give You a detail readings.  Ask for Michael
I hope to hear from you soon take care  


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