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Psychics/love, do we have a future ?


QUESTION: hey, i am going through a really rough time right now regarding my boyfriend, we are good as a couple however some turn of events has caused a major problem which i cannot discuss on here but now he was forced to leave out of state and i just want to know if our relationship is in danger and will all the negative blow over? or should i expect the worst? please help me i would greatly appreciate it :( his name is walter if that helps.

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QUESTION: my name monique bday is january 31 1992
his name is walter bday is october 3rd 1992

i want to know if all of everything thats going on right now is gonna blow over or is our future as a couple doomed?

Monique's feelings for Walter - frustration, disbelief at how much hard work it is to keep the relationship afloat, surely love should be a bed of roses feeling (but you're forgetting that for a rose to be a rose, it has thorns)

Walter's feelings for Monique -  he wants to separate from you and everyone else because there's something hidden within that he's stealing away from society or something. Is he running away from something, hard work of love? responsibility? commitment? there's something dishonorable about him that's eating away at his chances of being truly happy.

What's currently there in the relationship? wanting to control, not open to love, a feeling of the grass is always greener elsewhere.


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