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1. Mine: Sarah Perez Gutierrez Husband: Homelino Perez Gutierrez
NEW Friend: John Owens

2. Mine: 25= 01/13/87 Hubby:30= 06/0/82 John:21= 04/27/91

3. I am married to homelino, but have strong feelings for John. Need some advice. I feel that John and I have such a strong conenection, and lino and I have lost touch of those things. Please advise.

4. I talked to John via text today briefly

Lino feels generous, fun-loving life, love, you. He feels very loyal, and being married to him feels solid. When everything is not right, it may appear to you that Lino is selfish and you find yourself not being able to connect as much as you did before. But this means Lino needs to find himself, and perhaps if you can help him - that would be lovely...

John is the kind of guy when you've had a bad day and need someone to talk to, he'll be there for you. He's empathic and can understand your worries. BUT - with John (you'll one day find out) that you cannot be in a romantic relationship with him, he's just a friend.

Sarah, you are all about being creative and being able to depend on a partner who is stable is what you're after. (this is Lino) perhaps you need to reflect on this reading and your feelings.  


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