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QUESTION: I am Jazz, D.O.B : 09/11/1988 and he's Junior D.O.B: 11/05/1991
We are in a long distance relationship which set us 7 hours apart. We have been together for one year. I am aware that a completely monogamous relationship is not possible. But, I want to know if our hearts will stay together in this relationship (if he loves me enough)and if it would last.

ANSWER: Please confirm yours and his first name. And clarify your gender as I'm not sure.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My  first name is : Jazz
Gender: female
DOB: 09 nov 1988

My boyfriend: Junior
Gender: Male
DOB: 11 May 1991

We have been together for one year but he just recently moved to another country last month.

Junior feels that he will be loyal to you, he may not show his emotions that much but it's all there. Remember you create your own reality, so if you want to continue this relationship, you will have to make the time to dedicate this to succession.  


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