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my sister and I have been having the same dream since we where children and though my dreams are all different they all have the same basic theme, i'm being chased by a man and no matter how loud i scream for help no one can hear me, its like screaming in water, when he catches me he puts his hands around my throat and squeezes. Even though i can see people they don't help or can't help... what can I do to help my sister and I? it seems to have been getting worse over the past few years and i don't know how to help my sister. am i having these dreams because of her or is it the other way? is this some sort of past life flashback? i don't know what to do please help.

Hello Kristi,
Sorry I am a little late in replying, there has been a flood of questions and Iím struggling to keep up Ė but getting there! Itís not too late to wish you a very happy New Year and thank you also for contacting me.

I can relate to your story very much and am pretty sure I can offer you some sound and sensible guidance. Since my childhood I have a recurring sensation Ė itís a dream but itís a very unique feeling, a sensation. It has not been a pleasant one but I have basically eradicated it Ė I think it only happened once in the past three years and in retrospect I see clearly how I did it. Iím hoping the same will work for you Ė indeed it should since human mind structures are basically identical (give or take).

The first thing we have to do is about dreams and what they are and we also have to understand the nature of sleep and itís function to some extent. These are all heavy areas and really this is more science than psychic stuff but I believe this is the right way to go for you and your sister. I will try and keep it as brief and user-friendly as possible. If I deal with things individually first then you and your sister, if you share this with her, can put the pieces together to make a bigger picture that covers more than just your dilemma.

SLEEP: There is no actual agreement about what sleep is Ė But what it is NOT is a way of resting. If we want to rest our bodies we just have to lay down and be still, we can pretty much empty our minds in order to rest them. Sleep is a radical altered state of consciousness and there are degrees of sleep all the way to comas and the like.  It does not rest the body. To measure heart activity we can use an ECG machine, for brain activity we can use an EEG machine Ė electroencephalograph. The EEG clearly shows that our minds, when asleep and very very active Ė there is typical MORE mind activity in a state of sleep than when fully conscious. This brings us back to the question Ė what exactly is sleep? What is it for?
Now we have to take a step away from proven science, since many would disagree with the following as it cannot be objectively proved to scientific standards. The function of sleep is to reconnect with our primary non-physical conscious identity Ė itís eternal too. Itís like opening a door on a room in which the full, detailed history of all our thoughts, desires and feelings are stored. During the day when we are awake, for the most part, we offer our thoughts and feelings in response to the physical environment around us Ė itís largely a default response Ė we let the events and people around us draw thoughts and emotions from us according to whatís going on. All thoughts and feelings are energy Ė no exceptions. Back to science for a minute Ö. We know that energy cannot be destroyed. If you have an emotion about one thing but physical demands that you get busy with something else then the emotion of that energy goes into the store room I mentioned Ė it doesnít just go away. Dreams are stored energy. In sleep, stored energy gets a chance to activate, re-express itself BUT it needs a stage and props. Our minds are programmed to experience life in physical form in terms of time and space and 3 dimensions. When energy is re-expressed it needs time and space and 3 dimensions for your mind to deal with it. This may not be the best analogy but itís the bests one I can think of Ė the energy is like a naked actor and then it gets costumes, props, script and a stage Ė all provided in a split second by your mind, The result is a dream. Mostly we donít understand the play/dream in our conscious state but we do know if it produces feelings that please us or not Ė hence we use the word nightmare to sort these plays out a bit.
SoÖ.. to get back to you two, the unpleasant dream experiences are basically just plays for emotions that have not seen as much light of day as they could have done. This is the first thing you need to get right Ė it really is just energy thatís being dressed up to play a drama Ė thatís all it is and while itís not pleasant you can feel some relief that there is nothing more sinister or disturbing going on here than this. If you get this, then you are already well on your way to getting control over this stage performance since, in fact, you are the director AND the editor. Where I am going with this is to get you both to do some editing once you realize that you have the power to do so.

Since you both share the same dream experience there is some emotion Ė pretty clearly it is something like fear and panic, that you have both shared at some stage Ė it may be a shared experience or it may be a single experience that one of you has unwittingly transmitted to the other Ė itís very human to take on other peopleís fears and anxieties. I guess this will go back to childhood stuff.

Now, there are two options. Some would go into expensive hours of psychoanalytical psychotherapy to try to regress to core of those experiences (that may have been long suppressed) or the way I suggest Ė because it worked for me and others I have worked with Ė you can edit it. Here is what you need to doÖ.

Say to yourself, the next time I have this dream Iím going to notice some detail, I know Iím running to get away from this man but Iím going to notice what Iím wearing, Iím going to notice the time of day, Iím going to notice the colours of the leaves in a nearby tree to see what time of year it is, while Iím screaming in the water, Iím going to notice the temperature of the water and Iím going to notice these useless people who donít do anything despite my distress. You have to make a definite decision that you are going to analyze your dream while itís happening. You need to make this decision before you sleep each night so you are prepared if the dream should happen. Each time you do this, the dream will weaken and feel significantly less bad and it wonít take long before you have established control. In the dream, the horrible action is taking all your attention Ė you have to shift your attention in the dream Ė and I promise you that you can do this and every time you do it then it will get easier. You can demonstrate to yourself what I mean by taking 5 minutes in front of the TV Ė a drama series for example. Watch it but ignore what the director is demanding you notice, ignore the voices and characters and what they are doing and just watch it noticing all the other things like foliage, the colour of door, the style of door handles, the pattern on the curtains etc  - Iím sure you get the idea. All you have to do is do the same thing in your dream/play and step by step and quite quickly, this unpleasant recurring experience will be under your control to the extent that it will almost completely disappear Ė I canít promise it will completely disappear but indeed it could. The unpleasant sensation dream that I mentioned earlier that I have has only occurred once in three years now.

Kristi, strictly speaking this is not much to do with psychic stuff and I guess technically I should have rejected your question but I felt I could help you in a practical way and sincerely hope I have been able to say things in a way that is meaningful and user-friendly to you. Please accept my very best wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2013 ahead. Roy Pierce.


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