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QUESTION: Hi Jude, hope you're well-:))
My name is Rachel, female, my DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 AM,
Israel, Tel Aviv.
I've studied fashion design here in my homeland, Israel about 2.5 years ago and ever since had several attemps to establish myself as a fashion designer but nothing seemed to be really working and getting off the ground.
Not long ago i have taken part at a young fashion designers showcase in London and consequently, i've made a lot of significant contacts with people from the local industry and have recieved very positive&encouraging reviews for my designs,
however i'm still dwelling with myself these days how to move forward in order to make money out of the thing i love the most doing in my life!!
I wanted to ask you what do you predict will happen next with my dream of establishing myself as a fashion designer?
Do you see any upcoming opportunities?
Thank you for your help,

ANSWER: Hi Rachel!

Congratulations on your studies.  I sense that you are very ambitious and enthusiastic about your chosen work and that is fantastic. I see 2 scenarios of which you will have to decide which is the best path for you.  The first is I see possibilities of you moving to either London or New York with your family investing in your business.  I don't see that your extended family and possibly some older family friends hesitating so much in investing in you because they believe in you and support you, but rather, they want to see a detailed business plan and an overall picture of what goals you might achieve in the future.  This is, of course, scary at first, as with any entrepreneurial initiative, but rewarding in the end because you of all people know that your success rides entirely on you.  The next scenario I see is a little more practical and could also be good to boost your resume and strengthen connections in the business.  That is, I see you working for a fashion house for 2-5 years to hone your all of your skills and to help you to learn to multi-task at a very high level--the 'go-to girl' for everything, so to speak.  You may find this a little damper on your spirit or creativity, but it is all of what you make of it--actually, if you were to step back and look at it, a steady income and a position such as what I am seeing is actually impressive for someone of your own age. In any case, I see a move for you down the road, while you maintain ties to Israel--that is a place you will always come home to to ground yourself and find true inspiration.  Good luck! Don't be afraid to turn the wheels--life is not going to happen to you--you have to make it happen.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply Jude!
I really hope that one of the possibilities you have mentioned above will
take place. I don't feel Israel is the right place for me to stablish myself as designer, as i'm not able to find any job in my chosen field here and my line is considered a bit too daring for the Israeli women as well!
I do plan to attend another fashion show in London around summer time,
do you see anything about it?
Again thank you for your valuable help and have a wonderful weekend,

I think it is a wonderful way to make connections, but again, don't think something is going to fall in your lap.  you have to do some observing, networking, making friends, and then really think about what you want and go after it with zeal! Good luck this summer! I hope you have fun and it is a productive trip for you


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