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Dear Roy,

Thank you for the kind answer.  it is so very right. i really appreciate and love the way you have put it.

Thank you.

I too fully agree with the position 2 you had referred that we create our own destiny.

I further believe, that at soul level we do plan our learning.  It is only a super structure and does not spell any definitive plan.

we do make a conscious decision of out life path.

the truth is...i am job less and need to support my family.  i have been trying to land a job, but effort has not yet borne fruit.  

What could be my options is what i am looking at and if my dear ones who have left this earth plane guide.....after all, elders do suggest / guide.  the choice of doing is ofcourse entirely left to free will and choice.

i was seeking answer in that direction.

if this work i would take on , co operates with my spiritual aspirations, then it would be great.

i am in no way fatalist and believe that if i do some thing...then and only then i could enjoy the result of it...good or bad doesnt matter...after all both are learning..the good as well as bad.

Once again, i appreciate your answers.

Best Wishes and regards


Hello again Prasad. Thank you for your reply and now that I know you understand my perspective I feel more comfortable to try and guide you. I find it incredulous that someone of your clear intelligence is unemployed. Anyway, lets get to work and start with some basic sensible stuff – it’s obvious but still it’s good to say.

Whatever your family consists of then put your brakes on – by this I mean no more children. If you were to increase the size of your family then the additional financial burden that you would naturally feel will put you in an even more vulnerable position. Stress is the biggest enemy of male sexual performance and you may have noticed this in your own situation. However, any reduction in interest or performance is a blessing at this time – please feel relief in this area rather than tension and worry. Again, it’s an obvious thing to say but being as practical and sensible as possible will serve you well in this uncertain time.
I have no idea what your theories or opinions are on why you should be out of work but the only way forward is to take full responsibility for your situation. If you are pointing fingers in any direction other than at yourself then you are putting yourself in a powerless position since you cannot, for the most part, change and control people and situations around you. By taking full responsibility for your situation you out yourself in a position of absolute power since the only thing over which you have any genuine control is indeed yourself.

Now we need to look at how we create our own reality. I’m sure you will agree with me that everything is energy – no exceptions. Before anything can be in a physical form it must be thought first – things comes from thoughts, no exceptions. The most powerful law in the universe is one of attraction and it that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. In other words, what you think and what you feel is what you get. The energy in the universe that goes from thought to form is not responding to how needy you are or how right you are or how nice you are – it is responding to your dominant thoughts and feelings on any given subject. This is why horrible situations can happen to lovely people while the people we call bastards seem to fly through life. The universe is responding to thought, not personality type, no exceptions.

In order for you to get the employment you want you have to attract – literally you have attract. When you focus on the absence of work then. Because like attracts like, you get more of ‘no work’. When you feel it’s difficult to find a job you attract situations that prove to you that you are right and it is difficult. When you feel like a victim of a system or society then situations will light up in your life experience that match this.

As stupid as this may sound, you have got one thing to do only. You have got to get your mind and thoughts and beliefs trained into a better place of attraction for employment – remember, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking – change the thought and you change the belief.
If I were in your shoes then I would be repeating statements like the following whenever I had the chance – like a mantra

“I want to find a job that will keep me satisfied and I know that there are so many jobs out there that I would love to do”.

“I can feel the excitement of wondering what kind of opportunities will show up in my experience, I love this feeling anticipation”.

“ I appreciate this pause in my career and it’s precious to spend more time with family and friends, I feel this is a time where I am pointing in a new and fresh direction”

“I know my worth and value and I am the creator of my own experience and I can feel the joy of the job that is lined up for me, I know it’s there and I’m bursting with appreciation”

Prasad, if you can treat your mind like a computer programme a little, delete any thoughts and feelings you have about unemployment and replace them with the above (or something very similar in words that best suit you) and if you can do this consistently, then in less than 30 days the job that you desire must come – it is universal law. Do whatever you can to get your thoughts and feelings buzzing AS IF you already had the job of your dreams. Your dream job is already created and waiting for you – you just have to relax and let the attraction law of the universe sweep it into your experience. If you can accept that your task to find employment is as much an emotional and mental one as it is a physical one then things will get moving for you fast and what you will get will be far better than were even hoping for.

I can say much more but the things that really matter have been said – this is what you have to do, you need to be an emotional match to the thing you want – you cannot focus on the absence of anything and call it present, you cannot focus on sickness and feel your absolute well being. Just a bit of tuning in the mind and heart Prasad – that’s all you need to do and it is all you can do AND it is enough, more than enough.

If you imagine your deceased relatives joining their energy with yours in these feelings of anticipation and knowledge that your job is created and making it’s way towards you then you will feel even better. Those that have made their transition to non-physical exist where our true desires and preferences lie and they call us to the places we wish to go. Your relatives are a full match to the job you want – by doing the above you will join them and feel their energy and you will be inspired and energized in a wonderful and fresh way – like new batteries in a hand-fan – you will be buzzing. But the emotional journey is yours – no one on this planet or in non physical reality can do that for you – those that love you are already waiting and calling you to the place you desire to go.

I hope this has given you some help and most importantly some relief in dealing with your present BUT TEMPORARY situation. It wont even take 30 days. Please let me know how things go if you have the time and please accept my very best wishes, - himat mat haro, sab kuch apki taraf a raha hai. Roy Pierce


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