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Hello my name is Cana. I'm 15 and my boyfriend, Ray, is 16. I know we are awfully young to be talking about these types of things. But in the past couple of months, we have been through so much together. I told him a lie, a pretty serious one. In short, his parents found out and so did mine. They pretty much forbade us to date but we're still making it work. Even though i lied to him, he still forgave me and still wants to be with me. If it was anyone else, they would've left. His compassion and ability to forgive is beyond me. I really do think he is the one, but not just because he did that. But because i feel there is something very special about him. We've both have helped each other with problems we've struggled with. I may not know what love is, but with what i feel for him is beyond a chemical compound in my brain and body or a simple infactuation. How do you feel about this?

Hi Cana:

I think you are being a little deceptive because you didn't say what the lie was about.  Second, it must have been very serious for both sets of parents to forbit you to date.  If they forbid you to date, they know what's best for you and you should respect their authority--don't date Ray.  I think instead you need to do some work within yourself to determine what made you tell such a serious lie.  15 and 16 is a really young age to get so serious--i'm not questing your emotions--i was a teenager myself and can attest to such powerful emotions and attractions.  If you and Ray are destined to be together in the future, respect your parents, God and yourself enough to wait when the time is appropriate.


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