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My name is Juia DOB September 21 1991 I broke up with my ex (name is Aaron DOB June 28 1988) of two years, may of this year and have tried with some success to put it out of my head and move on. I am now with someone else and pregnant but I still have dreams about my ex. Even when it seems I have completely forgotten I have another dream. Some of the dreams are of us together, some of me wanting him back and him refusing, and another one of him coming back but myself being worried so I stay away and so many more. Sometimes I feel good in knowing it is best and sometimes I miss him a lot and feel a lot of hurt. We both messed up really bad with eachother and now he wont even speak to me. Will he ever talk to me again?

Dear Julia, it seem that you were born like that, never sure if what you do is the right thing or trying to do several things in one time what cause you to spread around not achieving complete satisfaction and than of course being frustrated about it, the root issue here is over thinking.
Than we have Aaron who sia bit spoiled thinking mostly of himself and very easy to get tempted to the sweet talking and any signs of affection from others (possibly because of his own up bringing which made him who he is) and together although it was very powerful you always had someone in between the two of you and was never in a real stable relationship much drama maybe but no stability. If the two of you goes back with each other he will be hurt more than you are because he is like little child he takes everything personally and hurt or happy he do not forgive easily so although the tarot suggest that you can go back in contact with each other the way it looked if you will was so unpleasant that I advise you to avoid such option at all costs and no, you cant just be friend after what was going on with you, what you are looking for is an optional open door with him although you are already in relationship with someone else and pregnant. avoid it, yes there can be dreams maybe the result of you thinking of him or him thinking of you but in reality what you imagine as your possible relationship with him will not happen and never really happened before when you were together, it is our brain it can reflect on past events as if they were great especially if we face other relationship that are not working or going through obstacle, we look back and thinking we did great back than but its not really what happens. accept the fact that half of you feels like that and answer those dreams and thaught with reality check I mean maybe sitting down and remember better what really was going on realizing it never worked great for long time.
and than hold to your new commitment the baby you are having and give it as much love as you can
good luck


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