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Jen wrote at 2013-10-16 13:26:48
Nancy Thank you so very much for the reply, I was crying tears of joy!!! It all made perfect sense.  In regards to my aunt the paint roller also made sense as she has been saying she is going to paint her room for a long time now but still hasn't and she has everything she needs, the paint roller included.  As for me my mother was very humorous and could be "annoying" at times but in a fun loving way.. and yes my daughter is exactly her, in fact I almost thought she was her reincarnated because of some of the comments she has made.  I couldn't stop laughing at the part in regards to man in my life with the boots..I have been yelling at him for leaving his work boots in the middle of the floor for awhile now and he is always tracking dirt in.  I think I know what she meant in regards to not worrying and don't get muddled or muddied but not quite sure.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me and my family. God I miss and love her but now am very much assured she is more than fine!  Just wanted to ask if you see her with her parents at all my nanny and poppa? I had an experience many years ago when I was 12 shortly after my grandfather passed.  I believe he walked into my room and sat down on my bed and whispered my name, although i was terrified and asked it to go away and he did..Not sure if that was him or spirit guide?  I feel bad that I was so afraid as he/they may have wanted me to know something.  I also wanted to mention my other daughter Maddy whom my mother just adored.  She is older now and doesn't remember her much but after mom passed Maddy would wave at what appeared to us to be nothing, she would also follow someone with her eyes around the room..Was that mom playing with her?  I am sorry for writing so much and more questions but I really needed you to know how special and meaningful your response was to me and my family.  I have been begging her to somehow communicate with me over the years and was just so curious.  Thank you Nancy from the bottom of my heart I dearly appreciate it!!



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