QUESTION: Hi Nancy my Mom passed away 5 years ago and it's been rough without her as I considered her my best friend, the only one I could talk to about anything. I was wondering if she had any messages for me?

ANSWER: Hi, Michael,

The very first thing your mom tells me is that she loves you and is still with you, though not in the same way as before. She values the close relationship you had in the physical world and wants you to know she is honoring that by continuing to be present with you and watch over you.

Then she says you need to get out there. "It's really not hard" to talk to others, she tells me — humans in the physical world long for connection with one another and with those in spirit. It's safe to get close to others, she says — it doesn't have to be scary or threatening.

There is someone you've either been neglecting or not noticing — a younger female with dark hair and a rather quiet demeanor — and your mom wants you to pay attention to her.

Not sure this is related to the young female, but your mom is also showing me a baseball and saying "Catch!"

Hope this is helpful . . . all blessings to you!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the reading it made sense to me except for the young female part. I was wondering if you'd be able to tell me more about the female? Do I know her personaly? If so where from? How much younger? I'm 33. Any initials for her name? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Hi, Michael,

The younger female feels somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 years old, and she is either a family member or a close family friend. I see her running down a sidewalk. She is a girl who could tell you quite a bit if given a chance. I'm asking your mom for more details and now she's telling me, "Ask him" — referring to another male in your family. I'm not great with initials, unfortunately . . . wish I could tell you more! Thanks again for writing to me.



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