I used to be a performer (music and theatre) but once I lost my mother (my support system in life and career) I gave it up.  Now, years later, I am wanting to perform again, but I am much older and no longer have the means to do so.  You you see me having a chance at doing what makes me happy, or have I missed my chance?  Thank you in advance for ANYTHING yo can tell me.

Hi, Rae,

Before I could even respond, your mother jumped in with "No, no, no, no — it's never too late!" She almost seems to scoff at the idea of a missed chance . . . time on the other side is not the same as it is here, but she seems to understand that.

I can tell you that your desire to perform again is a prompting from the deepest part of your soul . . . perhaps influenced by your mom in spirit. The obstacle doesn't seem to be money or time so much as you not thinking you deserve to do something that makes you happy. But I think you are just one or two inquiries or connections away from getting back into music and theater in a way that feels right for you. I'm hearing an orchestra tuning up . . . maybe there's a symphony or other musical organization near you that could really use what you have to offer.

Your mother so appreciates your description of her as your support system in life and career, and she places her hands on her hips and says, "And I'm still here. I'm not done."

It sure feels to me like you have the support of the universe (with your mom in the front row) — go for it!

A side note — Deb Bowen ( is an intuitive counselor and college teacher in North Carolina. She is also very active in community theater — she loves it and it sounds like she's a wonderful actress. Not sure when she started or restarted performing, but I would guess her age to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 60. I don't know Deb personally but am a regular listener of a podcast she co-hosts.

All blessings,


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