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Dear Nancy,

I met a man in August at a festival and we connected very quickly and intensely over 9 days. Then he went back home to the west coast and we've been chatting on Skype several times a week, sometimes for hours at a time. One time we talked for 7.5 hours straight and it just flew by. We're compatible in important ways, have similar goals, and he's pretty close to the ideal partner that I set my intention to meet. I live on the east coast, but I had been planning to move back to the west coast before I met him and will be moving closer to him in November. He's always happy to see me every time we talk and he told me he thinks we knew each other in a past life. I know that sounds like a line, but then I had an Akashic reading done and was told we've had many past lives together. Also, astrologically, it seems we're destined to have a significant and potentially wonderful relationship.  

However, I just keep having this feeling, based on a lot of little things he's done and said, that he's not as into me as I'm into him and that it's not going to work out. He said in the beginning he wants to keep seeing other people, because in the past he's gotten too quickly into relationships, so I keep expecting to hear that he's met someone else. But he's had other lond-distance relationships not work out, so I wonder if he's afraid it won't work out again.  Also, his life is pretty unstable and not secure financially at the moment so I feel like I shouldn't read too much into everything. He says he likes me and wants to keep talking and wants to see me when I get there, so I feel like I should stick with it and see what happens. But it's been so up and down for me - I'm elated one day and crushed the next - that it's just been really hard for me. Tonight when I told him I missed him, after 3 days of not talking, he said it wasn't that long of a time for him. I was so sad, but couldn't say anything and cried afterward.

I'm in love with him but I'm afraid he doesn't feel that way about me, and I just don't know if it's my fear and insecurity talking or my intuition. I don't want to continue if I'm just going to end up getting hurt, but I don't want to give up out of fear. Can you tell me what you see happening for me and him? His name is Eric. I have a unique name so could you just use my initials (SC)? Thank you!

Hello, SC —

I agree that the relationship has plenty of potential and reasons to work, but I also share your feeling that all is not quite right here. The fact that he wants to keep seeing other people and you do not is a pretty clear indication you are not on the same page. As far as the three days of not talking — no two people experience time in exactly the same way, but he basically said he hadn't missed you. That merits caution as well.

It feels like Eric has even more chaos around and within him than you think. He has gotten sucked into some drama with his family, or perhaps an ex-partner. He hasn't extricated himself from it because 1) he doesn't know how and 2) he isn't quite sure what he wants in his own life, so getting mixed up in other people's stuff feels acceptable, maybe even normal. I think part of the up-and-down energy you are experiencing is his — you have taken it on, probably without even realizing it. The other part is that you are allowing another person's behavior to determine your mood and overall happiness. Do you really want to be on that rollercoaster?

I don't see any significant developments or progress between you and Eric for at least the next couple of months. He has a lot to sort out for himself, and isn't much you can do about that. You can, however, take good care of yourself and set your own boundaries . . . very worthwhile with or without him.

It's hard when you feel that connection so strongly and yet the pieces don't all fit . . . but everything we experience is part of the journey. You will be OK.

All blessings,


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