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QUESTION: Been in a long distance relationship for a while with someone I've really grown to care about. Is she the right one woman for me, and are there other guys in her life? I get strong indications she likes me but there was another guy in the picture for a while, not sure if he still is or not.

ANSWER: Hi, Rob,

It feels like she has this other guy on a string . . . and maybe you feel like she has you on a string, too. She is afraid — not so much of being alone, but of not being wanted. Being in a relationship with you while still talking to the other guy makes her feel secure and worthy of attention. I think she's had guys fight over her and on some level that really felt good to her. I also sense that you genuinely care for her and she isn't quite sure what to do with this — a more casual relationship is what she is used to. I don't think your relationship can progress beyond where it is now until and unless she can feel good about herself for who she is, not just for who is interested in or involved with her.

Hope this makes some sense and is helpful . . . all blessings to you!


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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your help, Nancy, I was really wondering if the other guy was still in the picture. I only have one more thing to ask, I hope that's ok. Do you see or feel any strong impressions or general info about her beyond what you told me so that I can use to make good decisions when dealing with her from now on?

Hi, Rob — The only other info I get is that the best way to deal with her is not to react (easier said than done, I know). She has her own stuff to sort out, and if you get sucked into her whirlwind it will not help you or her. This is a woman with many fine qualities — but it may take some time for those qualities to override her insecurities, especially where relationships are concerned. If it's in her life path to learn to become more grounded and secure, I think she will be naturally drawn to you. If not . . . it's her (and probably someone else's) life lesson. It will all unfold as it needs to. Hope this is helpful — have a good weekend! Nancy


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