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Last week I had dreams about two different men who I dated a long time ago.  Ron (April 14, 1948) just kept saying negative things to me in the dream and Jess (November 1948) was trying to cuddle and I didn't want to be near him.  Are these men lonely or going through difficult times currently?  Is it possible that that is why they showed up while I'm dreaming.

My name is Margaret (July 19, 1958)

Hi, Margaret,

I don't think the dream conveyed anything currently going on with either of these two men so much as Spirit sending you a powerful message that you are ready for, and deserve, better options. It feels like you were a different person when you dated Ron and when you dated Jess — much different from the person you are now. I see you as much stronger now, but there's a part of you that hasn't quite caught up with that and wants to go back to the way you were because it's so much more familiar. I am not sure whether you are single or in a relationship right now, but it definitely feels like you are in a much better place to form a good relationship. Hope this is helpful!

All blessings,


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