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Dear Nancy
I'm writing to ask a question about my relationship with my mother.  I was forced out of her life because I became very ill.  I'm sorry to say that she is the type of person who doesn't like anyone unless she is benefiting in some way.  She also always attacks me because I'm not married.  I have had no choice in even dating when I've been housebound.  My health is improving and I will be in a position to be of some use to her again. She has been entering my thoughts a lot lately but I don't know if it's merely my guides helping me to understand better what kind of person she is or whether it's because she is needy and wishes I could be there as in the past to be of service to her.  Do you see me returning to be in her life again? Or will I continue to stay away from her.   Her name is Ester, 18 January 1935.  My birthdate is 1 July 1965.  

Thanks in advance

Hi, Marlene,

I think you are indeed gaining a better understanding of your mother as you regain your strength. When I tune into her energy I do see a lot of love for you — but it's under a layer of neediness and other muck that prevents the love from ever surfacing. It's really sad, and it feels like her relationship with her own mother was even worse.

I don't see the two of you (re)connecting anytime soon. Somewhere inside, you know that doing so would have a negative effect on your health. However, the mother-daughter bond is deep and there's a ton of free will involved here. Rather than 1) being out of her life altogether or 2) getting sucked into the same old stuff, you could find a way to be in contact with her (even, say, one phone call every six months) that feels manageable for you. The key here is that you are the one setting the limits and taking responsibility for your own well-being.

Hope this makes sense and is helpful . . . all blessings to you.



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