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Hello Nancy
I am hearing my higher self - and much more voices.  This is not a medical problem got that checked - nor a psychological issue.

The problem is the voices are very hard to understand though I am trying it is very complex because of all the voices and different messages I am hearing.  I am hearing from something about the holy spirit...the wind ....the president....the end about my energies.  

Is there anything you can tell me that may help me bring more clarity.  I am doing my best in meditation - relaxation and trying to focus on more than one voice at a time but it not easy.

Thank you for your time ahead of time.

Hi, Cynthia,

It takes time to be able to hear your inner guidance clearly . . . keep working on it and don't get discouraged. I would suggest continuing to meditate, but ask some specific questions and politely but firmly insist on one voice/message at a time. For example, you might ask: What do I need to know right now? Or: What do I need to know about (job, issue, person, whatever)? Then see what images, words, or feelings come to you. You might try writing down what you receive; there is something about getting it on paper that really helps bring clarity, even if it's a seemingly random word or two! And if you get multiple voices or messages again, gently steer back: "One at a time, please." What needs to come through to you will always find a way to do so.

All blessings,


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