Hi Nancy
I wrote you a few weeks ago about my sister Heather.4 years before she passed i also lost my boyfriend of 6 years .His name was Jimmy.I have never felt him around me and was wondering if he is okay ..I miss him so much.I also wanted to know if you do any private readings.I think you are wonderful.I wish i was Blessed with such a gift.Thank you so much

Hi, Hilary,

First of all, you just made my day with your kind words . . . thank you!

Did Jimmy die suddenly, like in an accident? He is showing me some fuzziness around him when he passed, like he had some initial trouble crossing over (but he did cross over, no worries). His family really struggled with this loss; it feels like they'd experienced another loss shortly before and Jimmy's passing just led them to feel like they'd been cursed somehow. There was one family member (feels like a parent) who basically shut down emotionally and spiritually . . . I see a bubble around this person and Jimmy trying to get through to communicate the fact that he'd safely arrived on the other side and all was well, but he couldn't.

He is so grateful for your presence in his life — said he wouldn't have traded it for anything. He shows me the two of you going through a rough patch a year or so before he died. He wants you to know he wouldn't have missed that either, because it taught him a lot about who he was as a human spirit and he's taken it with him as his journey continues. He is around you sometimes — he comes up behind you at the kitchen counter and places his hand just between your shoulder blades. He is very careful and subtle, though, because he doesn't want to scare you. (I think he did startle you a couple of times when he was still in the physical world and doesn't want to repeat that!)

Jimmy is with Heather and relates that she told him about the top — or something spinning. Does that make any sense?

Yes, I do more extensive e-mail readings and phone readings . . . my website is

Again, thanks so much and all blessings to you!



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