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Hi Nancy
I asked you a question before regarding my mother who had passed and I was so amazed at how accurate you were and am still so grateful.  I was hoping that this time you may have some insight for me regarding my career and finances.  For the past three and a half years I have been in school part time at nights and it has been a real struggle on us financially.  I guess you can say I did things backwards and had children before a career.  However on a positive note a few months ago I got a job exactly where I want to be and with great pay, the only problem is that its part time with few hours.  Most of what I make goes to paying after school care for my children.  I really want to stay where I am but I don't think I will be getting full time there as it does not come up very often.  Should I stay where I am? will there soon be a full time opportunity or should I look elsewhere?  Money has always and still is a big issue which is why I'm so worried.  We have been just making it by for what feels like forever and we so badly want to be free of that and hopefully even become home owners one day soon.  Do you see that in our future or is that a long time to come, if ever?  
Thank you very much Nancy for any help you may have.

Hi, Jen,

Good to hear from you. There really is no such thing as doing things backwards, in my view — everyone has a different life path. It feels like you should stick with the part-time job you have now. I'm not sure if a full-time opportunity exactly is coming up there, but it definitely feels like something is about to expand. You are valued there . . . it feels like the last couple of hires before you didn't work out so well, and you are a breath of fresh air. You are also catching a breath of fresh air for yourself in terms of abundance. This job is exactly what you need, not just as a mom paying for childcare but as a human being learning and living out her purpose. I really feel like you're going to learn a lot with this work that will prove useful down the line. God/the universe has an uncanny way of putting what we need in our path and within our reach, and when we focus on that instead of on the lack, more of the same comes our way. That may sound  airy-fairy . . . but I've found it to be true time and again.  

All blessings,


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