Hello, I have a question about my angels and spirits, do you know how many I might have? I am curious because I've been reading about it, and I believe in the spirit world. I'm trying to also find the purpose of my life?

Also, I have been getting this intuition, like I am going to meet somebody soon, maybe my soulmate? I do not know if I am going crazy or am desperate or if this really is going to happen? I believe in the spirit world, that we all are souls and we have certain people in our lives because we have been together for a long time (spiritually). All my friends have boyfriends so perhaps I am just lonely or going desperate. Could my intuition be true? How can I tell if it is an intuition and not my craziness? I want to mention that I am a very picky person, I believe in true love and soulmates. Thank you!

Olya Barnett
birthday- 3/17/1991
living- philadelphia, PA

Hi, Olya,

There are any number of spirits and angels around us at any given time . . . when I look at your energy I see a lot of protection and love around you. In particular I see a man and a woman who feel like grandparents or great-grandparents; they passed within months if not weeks of each other. I'm not clear on whether they met you in the physical world or not, but the lady keeps telling me, "Doesn't matter! Doesn't matter!" and assures me they are even busier than most living grandparents in terms of spending time with you and making sure you have what you need.

I don't see a really serious relationship developing for you for another couple of years. That said, you may indeed meet that person soon — it just may take a while to unfold, and that is OK. Did you just start a new job? You seem to be learning and taking on a lot of new information and tasks right now, and I think you will meet this person through work. I'm seeing a dark-haired, quiet guy with an unassuming manner.

It really feels like you're on the right track, Olya . . . all blessings to you!



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