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Hello! My name is Brandy (my birthday is 11/14/1988) and I have love triangle going on that I would like your advice on. I like a couple of guys that I work with (namely: jim, chris and vince...i sadly don't know their birthdays). All 3 have expressed some form of interest in me and I'm not sure which one to go after (if any). Any advice? Thank you very much!

Hi, Brandy,

I get a good feeling about Jim. He seems very steady and responsible, but if you like a lot of excitement or drama, he's not your guy. Chris has a very kind heart but it feels like he is dealing with something — a family matter or his own health issues — that would complicate being in a relationship right now. While this situation is not insurmountable, it does feel like it would require some patience on your part. Vince? I'm not getting a clear read on his personality, but I think there is some cultural or religious difference between you that could potentially complicate matters, especially with his family.

Remember you don't have to choose right away. :-) All blessings to you!



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