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Please help me I am so very depressed
The man I have loved for .more than 8 years has deserted me for another girl he is not even in touch now
Will he come back to me is there any chance for us to be together in future
my dob 12 march1985
if you need his details
his name Bilal
dob 14 feb 1979

Hello Palwasha, This man will NOT come back into your life all im seeing is conflict when he is around. im so sorry for this time in your life, you need to move forward no matter what happens their will be challenges but do NOT look back because every time you look back your being sucked into this ugly negative energy..

god bless.


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I have 7+ years of experience with reading tarot cards and i am also a psychical healer. ive been blessed with the gift of telling what holds in the future of others I have my own group where i meet with others who have the same gift as me my services are free.

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