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Greetings! Thank you for you time . My name is robin and I was born in Middletown Ohio on 2/7/78. My question pertains to a new relationship I have with Dan born 9/27/86 in marysville ohio. Is this my future husband ?

Dear Robin,

Thank you for writing. Whew a lot of things here - first, I get a sense of secrecy or of something not being told, or either being withheld, and I'm not sure where it's coming from -- I don't feel this person, first off, is your future husband; I also feel you have a heck of a lot going on right now, in the sense of near-chaos, books, books, details, things that need to be straightened out, something also with siblings, and a rift that should be repaired, because you are otherwise so close. Other things want to come in, instead of your question but I'll get to it later - I have the number 43, so I'm going with either April 3 or 43 as in an address, a floor of a building, an age of someone near you or close to you, and I also just see loads of books around, and a need for clarity. There's something either secret or untold regarding this relationship with Dan. You're holding something back from him or from the details of the relationship in such a way that it makes me feel confused -- also I feel I'm racing, as in going through life very quickly and not taking time to lean back and get comfortable. It's a bit of a rush, and that promotes your creativity in all areas, but it's not balanced enough.

With him, personally, I feel like he's a bit at "war with the world" - he kind of sees himself as a victim, or very put-upon, and that life is a major struggle. I hear a lot of heavy sighing, like he's just tired of "the runaround" in life, and feels he's getting nowhere. He feels almost as free, yet caged, as you do -- okay I'm trying to settle down; I have a lot of jumpy energy right now -- it's like you have strong feelings or opinions about him, but he doesn't know, because you tend to keep those "sentimental" things private; that's not what you're about; but he can't sense it -- he's a hard worker, and again, does feel worn down right now. But both of you share a certain almost innocent sweetness about you, and that's your strong current of connection -- if you could eliminate a lot of junk around your life, physical as well as mental cobwebs, etc., you'd be able to see him more clearly, and he'd be able to, as well -- I hear "Henry" and I've no clue; I feel the color blue is important and features strongly in someone's house/the walls, even, are blue somewhere -- a good feeling.

He has a hard time trusting people, and he likes "the chase," but then again, so do you, so you end up "crashing into" each other. It's like a collision course, to be honest -- I think it's a wild, dynamic energy that can be tamed, but it's going to take a lot out of both of you to make this happen. I don't feel he's your future husband, but again, I have a nagging feeling of something secret about this relationship, so there you go -- I wish I could interpret things better than this, and now I do again feel education, schooling, for someone, not finished yet or going back, etc., and it interferes with personal, more romantic ties. Details have to be worked out for both of you - scattered, chaotic energy. I want to push through it, but I can't, because it's cloudy; it's unclear. I think I heard "Tom" or "Tim" or a one-syllable T name, male, involved somehow -- this is on your side of things.

Again, as much as I hear him "sighing" as if he's bored, I don't feel like he's sluggish at all; he's very energetic, and he feels slender/slim. He can eat anything and never gain weight. Lots of physical energy, wow! I kind of see him "scrambling to get ready" to go places; he's always just a bit late. Work is "a bother."

Keep your ears pricked for someone with that T name -- even if you already know someone with that name, there's another one "rolling up," and I'm seeing a car, literally, a red car, going toward you. Dark, at night, the summertime, next year. Prepare, and wait. Clean up. Your house is a mess. I'm sorry, but I just "heard" it; it's not a judgment!:))

I think I've gone around with this energy as much as I can, and I know I sound like a complete nut, but I can only give you what I get - and it's certainly a mixed bag! Smile more -- they also say -- and don't rush. I'll leave you with that, but I just wish I could have been more descriptive and centered.

Truth and Beauty,


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