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Hi Nancy. Do you see me ever having a close sisterlike friendship with a female. (best friend)

Hi, Simona,

The first thing I see when I tune into your energy is that there is a female around you with whom you have the beginnings or potential of such a bond. She has dark hair and fair skin. She doesn't volunteer much information, but if you ask her the right questions you'll find she is a very interesting person. However, she's put some barriers around herself and it can be hard to get close to her. The barriers are there for a valid reason — I'm seeing some abuse or trauma in her childhood and in a relationship she's had as an adult — but the barriers no longer serve her and she's not quite sure how to take them down while still maintaining healthy boundaries. This creates a push-pull between the two of you, because you are actively seeking friendship. If you can exercise some patience — don't give up on her — I do see you developing a close friendship. I think there is also a past life connection here, like you actually were sisters before and are continuing that journey in a different context now. It'll be interesting to see how this develops. All blessings to you!



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