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Psychics/i am afraid to embrace all of me


I feel like the universe is at my mental doorstep, but I am afraid to answer the call. I know that my life
Is not what I want and that quite possibly embracing the call of an empathy would better my life, but how
do I open that door without drowning in others emotions? Sometimes I don't know if it is me that is feeling this things or someone else. I've only ever peeked through and I am curious and terrified. Should I
step on this path and never look back?

Hey korry...sounds like you are a star -seed indigo

I can assist through Skype,you need to just get some
skills,and protections..i started as a empathy also
long time ago

I cannot do it on email,but to be are
and must honor your gift ok

in the meantime..your among MILLIONS of empaths
so seek them out for at least feeling safe,and among
your own kind ok?

don't let fear break you

see my profile



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