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Psychics/Not sure why my energy has been very lazy.


QUESTION: Danielle /August/26/1981. Hello I appreciate this so much. My energy has been low and I feel so lazy. II have been married 5 years. My husband is a great material provider,and cares for his family. I just don't feel alive with him and feel like he is not my partner. He has been the provider and allowed me to make noney and do as I please weather I spend it on the kids or myself he doesn't complain. I just know I want leave him and feel kind of stuck. I'd like to move myself and kids back to Connecticut but don't want to move in with family. I feel like something great is about to happen and am very anxious. Thank u for any insight. God bless and continue to guide you.

ANSWER: Hi, Danielle,

Looking at your energy, I do feel stagnation around you . . . it feels like the first thing to consider is whether you might be suffering from depression or anxiety that could be helped by medical treatment and/or counseling. Those illnesses can have a major effect on your energy as far as feeling lazy or restless. I don't think that's all of it — but it's a good place to start.

It also feels like you are somewhat isolated and don't feel like you're part of anything outside the home. That can make you feel pretty crazy too! I'm not sure if you are working outside the home right now, but it doesn't feel like there is any work, hobby, volunteer pursuit, etc. that really engages you. If you do become a single mother, I think you'll do a lot better financially and emotionally if you have work to do that you truly love. The kids will do better, too.

Speaking of the kids, I would consult an attorney before making any decisions re: moving them back to Connecticut. It feels like things could get ugly pretty quickly if a separation is accompanied by taking the kids out of state. Especially if you and your husband have not had an honest conversation about what you both want and need and what is best for the kids.

These are not easy decisions . . . be patient with yourself and take it one step at a time.

All blessings,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the quick response!!! I apologize for not being clear. I do volunteer work at a church, mentoring, stylist, and etc. my home life is just boring . I just don't feel like doing too much. I have talked  with my husband about divorcing and he is not interested in the conversation. I was wondering if u could tell of anything coming to help me understand what's about to happen. I've already awaken from a depressionthanks again a few years ago.

Hi, Danielle,

Thank you for the feedback! The stagnation I feel around you probably has more to do with the relationship than I thought.

My sense is that things are going to come to a head with your husband, probably by spring. He is not going to be able to put off the conversation about divorce, or his own feelings about it, for much longer. It feels like he's kept a lot of fear and frustration inside over the years. When it all boils over, you will need to have 1) a clear sense of what you would like to happen and 2) good legal representation. The experience will be difficult, but I think it will put you both (and the children) on a path toward healing.

Hope this is more helpful . . . take care.



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