QUESTION: Hello Nancy,

I love what you do and how you enjoy helping people with your god given gifts.  My name is Michael and I was born on April 3, 1976.  I wanted to ask you about my father who passed away on November 13, 1994.  How is he doing and is he still with me.  Thank you

ANSWER: Thanks for your kind words, Michael! Your dad is quite a spirit — the first thing he wants me (and you) to know is that he has been with you since he passed. It feels like he was a kind, good-humored man with many friends in the physical world . . . many in spirit as well. He shows me a lot of socializing on the other side — almost looks like a big cocktail party. Do you have a son, or someone who is like a son? Because he wants to make sure you know he's been paying attention to this young man in particular. They did not meet in the physical world, but it feels like your dad connected with him as he was being sent into this world and into your life. Your father even tells me something to the effect that you'll never be rid of him as long as this kid is around. :-)

I'm not getting much about the circumstances of your father's passing, but it feels like his right chest or right shoulder was involved somehow. He places his left hand near his right shoulder and lifts it up again, like: See, it's OK now. There is something about your mother, too, but it's not clear — it seems to be about forgiveness and things being set right.

All blessings to you —


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QUESTION: Hello Nancy,

Thanks for answering my last question.  I was born on April 3, 1976 and I was wondering if I am going to meet anyone right now.  I am currently single and have not had a girlfriend in a long time.

Hi, Michael,

It feels like you are near the end of a difficult, but transforming time — one which has given you more to bring to a relationship. Meeting someone this summer seems likely, and for some reason I think you'll meet her near water. The relationship will take some time to unfold, but your new perspective will allow you to navigate with more confidence than you would have had before.

All blessings,


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