Todd Bryson payson utah 08/20/1986 why do the light ships stop showing themselves to me during the fall and winter months?

Dear Todd,

Thank you for writing. I'm not sure what you're on about with lightships, but I feel you keep the nature of this subject private/to yourself, as a secret, etc., and there's a very shy part of you that does not expect to be taken seriously, but that very thing makes you your own worst enemy. It puts other people off, as well.

I'm reading your energy, not the lightships, because I really don't understand what you mean or what you've seen, and I feel, again, that this is one of the reasons you don't talk about it; people tend to not understand what you mean, and that's only because you can't explain, in mere human words, what you've experienced -- but that's not your fault. Still, I feel it makes you feel uncompromising and cold toward people when they just don't "get" what you're trying to say.

Think of it this way: These same frustrating emotions are going out to other realms that show themselves in lightships; you are a "summer child," born in August, of course, and I feel that you tend to shut down without even realising it when the colder and darker months arrive; it's not "your time of year," so to speak, and because you're very attuned to your surroundings, I wouldn't be surprised at all if you even suffer from "SAD," (seasonal affective disorder) due to the lack of natural light. In summer months and when it is brighter, it is much easier for you to communicate in general; this goes for every form of energy, not just people you meet, but plants, trees, the grass that grows, animals, and other beings that YOU see but others don't. I think you're inadvertently "keeping them away" because you're unconsciously putting off a cold, self-alienating vibe.

Other than that, you don't have as much holding you back as I think you "think" you do -- you have an extremely strong will and are determined to do just what it is you know is right for you, regardless of what others say or think, so close them out; they're not living your life -- you are, and you're in more control of it than you think. And make the most of every light, sunny day, but don't beat yourself up for wanting to kind of hunker down and slow down when it's darker; that's just how your energy is put together, or at least it feels that way to me!:))

Wishing you Truth and Beauty,


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