QUESTION: hi my name is maria DOB 3/27/1991 my question is my ex lorenzo dominguez DOB 10/25/1988 is planning to leave to california on december 21 and will be gone for a couple of months to work and get his life on track again will he be coming back and try to be with me again and have a family or move on without me and his babies? Thank you

ANSWER: Hi, Maria,

I do think Lorenzo wants to get his life on track, but I don't think he's quite sure about how he fits into your life and vice versa. It sounds like you have children together, and he wants to be a better dad to them than he has been. But he seems to feel you want more from him than he can give right now. The two of you have had a relationship with a lot of pushing and pulling back and forth emotionally, and I think his being away for a couple of months will give both of you a break from that. I do think it will take longer than a couple of months before the two of you could even begin to get back together . . . you both have some healing to do, and you deserve to take the time you need for that.

All blessings,

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QUESTION: He tells me he loves me and I'm the love of his life but at times I feel he just needs me to make his life more stable and needs me financially and I don't know if his feelings towards me are honest a lot am I wrong.

Hi, Maria,

I think Lorenzo loves you in as stable and mature a fashion as he is capable of right now. He really has some maturing and work to do on himself before he could be a good partner and father, and your own intuition is telling you this. It will be interesting to see how he does over the next couple of months while he's away for work. Pay attention not only to how he is faring but to how you feel. If he still is not ready, you will need to decide whether you want to continue with things as they are or move forward without him. In either case, I suggest you consult with an attorney re: his parental rights and obligations.

All blessings,


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