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Hi Roy. I hope this is your area of expertise.  Im desperate to get answers on my mothers death. she was killed by the police but no one in my family know why (or at least they won't tell me. Is there a way you can find out whay was the reason for her being killed or what was the reason she dod whatever she did to make the police kill her. her name is Audrey born nov. 2 im not sure of the yr because I was a baby when she does. thanks so much.

hi sweety.,

I am a fulltime psychic medium,if you serious
you can read my profile.

I speak to the departed,and you will
learn a lot,so its very very good,esp for
pain,and not knowing for your clear
things,some people are haunted by the soul
also feeling not rested,so its helps both people!

I cannot perform it by email..its impossible

let me know

sorry for your loss



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