QUESTION: hello Im grace my dob 10/30/89 i would like to know if i will meet someone special this year, i have a crush his name is devin 09/24/92 but he is ignoring me,so i would like to know if i will meet someone this year? =)

ANSWER: you will within the next 18 months.  Stay true to who you are--dont change your personality and don't change.  Also don't be too aggressive towards meeting someone--just let conversation happen naturally.  If they like you they will come back for more :)

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QUESTION: Yeah you are right thanks for reminding me not to be too aggressive in meeting someone, I'm so careful now of what I wish for , but sometimes if I like someone I can't get off my mind , and sometimes it gives me a confusion specially if someone ignoring me. Do you think it is a hard playing style? or for real? =)

No, I think if they are ignoring you, then you should chill.  If they are just shy or playing it cool, and you are cool, then they will make a move. Otherwise, my dear, they aren't interested in you romantically.  Meditate daily--prayer, quiet time.  It will help you settle down.


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I cannot answer questions regarding long distance relationships. I can answer and provide guidance in matters of specific questions regarding love, career, business, pets, and to a lesser extent, sometimes I can channel messages or see images of loved ones on the other side. I do not answer specific questions regarding pregnancies, illnesses or missing items or persons. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS SUCH AS--"WHAT DAY, MONTH, YEAR WILL I GET MARRIED OR WHAT DAY MONTH YEAR WILL I FIND A JOB!! OR WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE A BABY? I AM NOT AN ASTROLOGER! I am simply a very intuitive person with lots of life experience guided by the Holy Spirit. This is what 'psychic' means to me.


Since i was a small, i have always known I had very strong intuition. I had a rather difficult childhood and my only life line was God and the Holy Spirit--this was encouraged by my grandmother. As I became older, I began to study life after death, metaphysics, and the paranormal to develop my gifts. One must be careful in opening the portals of the spirit world. Unknowingly, you can allow influences and spirits and demons in your world without your permission if you play with this. Therefore, it is my philosophy and profound belief that i now stand by is to study the Holy Bible and scripture, meditate on the Word of God, pray and meditate daily. This has brought me much peace that the metaphysical world and the New Age movement could not give me. There was always a very short period of satisfaction followed by emptiness. The difference I think is put love and truth in leaning 100% on God. AND GOD IS LOVE and HE LOVES YOU!! You will not find this in the New Age movement. I am a professional by day, with 20 years of experience working in a Fortune 500 company. If you do not get your response right away, please understand because I have a full-time job and kids and a family at home. Thank you for your trust and confidence in me. It's ok if you are not Christian--i am not a bigot so i will still answer your question gladly and welcome other cultures and faiths to do so. I do not push my beliefs on others but rather sometimes I may share the Good News or what I feel you need to hear. Sometimes people get mad when they dont hear what they want to hear but that's ok! These are free mini-readings--set your expectations accordingly. I try to provide a short, yet thoughtful and insightful response to each and every person.

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