Harold, may 11,1987 & i Natasha april 4, 1989 dated a few yrs back we have kept in touch kind of off and on. The last time i remember us speaking was in may or june of 2012 he told me he had a dream of me & wanted to see me then but i had moved to a different state. We both have moved on but i do think of him. I used to think he was my soulmate. Will we ever be together again? Will i be entering a happy relationship anytime this year?

Happiness is possible for you Natasha only after you step out of your comfort zone into the unknown, there's a feeling that you need to find yourself to be able to love another. I'm sorry this is all I'm receiving. I don't get any feelings about Harold - just what I said was the strong message that came through right now for this reading.

If you're going to give such a low rating, it would be lovely of you to say how this answer wasn't what you expected; and I must be a fraud psychic because of such etc. But hey ho, thanks for giving a rating.


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